Departments and Centres

Departments and Centres

Department of English

Since its establishment in 2005, the Department of English has become one of Svay Rieng University’s core assets for students, especially for those pursuing careers in education and international business. This department offers both university-level language training, as well as high-quality management and human resources training in the English language, outfitting students to work in international companies in Cambodia and potentially abroad. The Department of English houses a team of qualified and enthusiastic teaching staff who can work with students across levels of ability and elevate them to perform in an English-speaking workplace or teach the language to future generations.


General English Education

Svay Rieng University includes a mandatory English language learning curriculum for some degree programs outside the Department of English. Given the nature of the current and prospective workforce in Cambodia, English language capability appears to be a critical skill and an asset to individuals with skills in the work place. Each year, students enroled in bachelor’s degree programmes within the Agriculture, Business, and Public Administration faculties are required to take one English course per year after their Foundation Studies in the first year. English vocabulary and usage is custom tailored to help supplement coursework in their chosen degree program, thereby advancing students’ chances and abilities to perform in international workplaces.


Japanese Language Centre

Responding to a proliferation of Japanese investment and aid in Cambodia, Svay Rieng University opened the Japanese Language Centre in 2015 to equip students with language proficiency in order to better communicate with Japanese entrepreneurs, officials and influencers cooperating with Cambodia. The programmes are especially designed to offer students a competitive advantage to work with companies within Bavet’s Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Created through a partnership between SRU and the Cambodia International Education Support Foundation (CIESF), the certification includes four classes, or a total two years of Japanese language.


Chinese Language Centre

China has become a prominent economic and social partner to China, and therefore more employers in the fastest growing sectors are seeking Chinese language skills. The Chinese Language Centre at Svay Rieng University offers the language skills sought from major employers in Svay Rieng provinces’ SEZs, with financial and academic assistance from Dali University in China.