Business Administration

Business Administration

As Cambodia’s economy expands and diversifies, a knowledgeable fleet of business and financial experts will be critical to monitoring financial matters and creating solutions that will drive individual business profits and the overall sustainability of the economy. The Faculty of Business Administration offers a curriculum of rigorous theory and practical training in business and financial matters, while encouraging students to conduct business in an ethical, efficient and transparent manner. 


To train students to become professional leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, accountants, and staff members in a diverse range of business settings and contexts, both locally and internationally. 


To educate and train students in efficiency and quality in the workplace, while building on theories and research that can solve social issues within Cambodia and contribute to the overall social development through financial gain and improvement of professional human resources. 


Faculty Contact

Mr. MOM Ket, Dean
Tel: +855 12 866 681

Ms. SUONG Phalla, Vice Dean
Tel: +855 11 709 719
Mr. OR Chanthan, Vice Dean
Tel: +855 10 952 525