SICA project kick-off meeting

On 07-08 June 2018, SICA project, an Erasmus+ co-funded project, has been kick off at Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), the coordinating university. All the participating universities has closer look at the project structures the deliverables, work packages and the key activities carried out to achieve the aim of the project. To better know each other, each partner made a presentation relating to the institutional background, management structure, level of course and degree provision, and the internal quality assurance. Each partner was required to identify the current situation of quality assurance management in each university by stating the QA structure, persons in charge, duties and responsibilities and so on. After the presentation, questions and answers session were given to the participants in order to clarify points related to the project and to make them understand the internal quality assurance system from other partners. The meeting also discussed and set out key activities to be carried out for next steps.