SICA 2nd Round table meeting

On the 6 – 7 March, 2020, All Cambodian Universities in SICA project held a round table meeting in which aimed to produce a five-year QA Strategic Plan and a guidelines for Internal Quality Assessment to serve the needs of quality assessment amongst six universities in Cambodia including RUPP, CSUK, SRU, MCU, UBB, and UHST. This guideline helps the six Cambodian universities to promote the quality practices through measuring the quality process, inputs, and outputs at the program level. The participants from the six universities have to define the areas to be measured in their context and jointly developing assessment tools which lead to write self-assessment report (SAR). During the workshop, each university had to develop a standard and its indicators. These standards are to gauge the academic performance including program learning outcomes, program content, structure and specification, teaching and learning approach, student assessment and service, facility and infrastructure, output, and internal quality improvement.


To sum up, Mr. Phal Des thanked each university team and staff for their attention, time, and sharing of ideas to the groups. He believes each SICA team will continue to discuss more detailed activities from today’s results, and he finally suggested that each university team print and publish all the documents for implementation.