On 11 December 2018, the HR4ASIA SRU team arranges a round table meeting discussion on Strategic Human Resources Management of Svay Rieng Universities 2019-2021 (SHRM.SRU) with the management team at Svay Rieng University.

The purposes of the round table discussion are:

  1. to present the SHRM and discuss the points to gather the inputs
  2. to announce e-learning and
  3. a case study to be conducted at SRU

MR. SIN Putheasath, vice-rector, and sub-project manager told the management team know that, after the international conferences, we are required to organize two round table meeting discussion and 2 workshops, but for the workshop, we had done few ready so what we need to do is like today round table meeting, then he presented the purpose of the discussion and presented the strategic human resources management to the management team, which include vision, mission, goals, and strategy.

MR. PEN Dina, a lecturer, and member of the HR4ASIA SRU team presented the list of 15 e-learners who have been chosen to e-learning and the system will send them an email with the link for registration so each shall register.  Another task for HR4ASIA SRU team members are going to conduct a case study at SRU and a topic is developed due to the objective 2 from a strategic human resources management SRU 2019-2021; the topic is “To develop, strengthen technical skills of staff and lecturers”. And the objectives of a case study and the outline including the method for collecting data.

Due to the discussion, `SHRM SRU is appreciated and commented on vision, mission, and method for a case study; that team must use a clear word or phrases in the sentences or paragraph so that the readers get it easily and not misunderstand the main point between the vision of the institution and vision of SHRM SRU.

Mr. Putheasath thanks the management team for their time and attention, and comments. He added that our team will discuss more a case study, and finally suggested those who are listed for e-learning must pay attention and respond as soon as they receive an email from the organizer a system and contact our HR4ASIA SRU team in case need support or further information, also assist our team for conducting a case study in order that we can improve our performance and project implementation.