On Thursday, 28th March 2018, SRU launched a dissemination workshop on Strategic Human Resources Management of Svay Rieng Universities 2019-2021 (SHRM.SRU).The purpose of the workshop is to disseminate the SHRM and to gather the inputs from speakers from ACLEDA bank Svay Rieng branch and international specialist Mr. Geoff Summers.

H.E TUM Saravuth, rector of Svay Rieng University addressed the welcome speech to open the workshop, and raised up the objective of the workshop. He emphasized that to achieve this objective, participants must pay good attention and participate actively to provide the input to advance the SHRM.SRU.

SIN Putheasath, vice-rector, and HR4ASIA sub-project manager presented the Strategic

Human Resources Management Svay Reing University 2019-2021, which has been developed by the HR4ASIA SRU team. The strategy consists of five goals as follow:

Goal 1. To ensure the consistency of numbers of lecturers and staff of the institution

Goal 2. To develop, strengthen technical skills of staff and lecturers

Goal 3. To develop HRM system which can be used and shared with stakeholders

Goal 4. To strengthen and promote cooperation with both national and international partners

in order to share experiences

Goal 5. To establish HRM office

MR. VA Mean, Head of ACLEDA Bank Svay Rieng Branch, before giving his presentation, he appreciated the resources produced by SRU and some of those are employed by ACLEDA, especially Svay Rieng branch and are capable and acceptable. He then presented the overall view of the bank. He presented about recruitment, which mainly focuses on 1. Knowledge, Skill or basic knowledge due to market demand and 2. Behavior, Morality, and Ethics.

MR. Geoff Summers, presented metaphors, the 5 pillars: ENTER, MANAGE REWARD, IMPROVE, and EXIT. There are comments and questions asked. And lively 4 group discussion.

End of the workshop, H.E TUM Saravuth, rector of Svay Rieng University wrapped up and sent a message to the HR4ASIA SRU team as well as the participants to take part in share strategic HRM.SRU 2019-2021 to improve it to apply to our institution.