Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

foster the culture of Quality within the SRU.

– To set up an effective quality assurance on study programs
– To implement it effectively for the quality

– To develop IQA policies and IQA regulations
– To build up technical supports to SRU stakeholders on their own initiatives for self improvement and accreditation
– To conduct monitoring and evaluation to improve QA system
– To modernize the quality assurance office
– To achieve the national and regional recognition of academic

QA Unit responsibilities:

– Preparing manual, guideline and tools for Internal Quality Assurance.
– Conducting self assessment prior requesting External Quality Assurance and guiding improvement based on the result of QA.
– Advising and consulting faculty members, staffs and student about the principles of Internal Quality Assurance.
– Preparing self assessment report for Quality Assurance and evaluation.
– Facilitating Quality Assurance and evaluation by Quality Assurance institution.
– Preparing evaluation form for students, staffs and lecturers.
– Preparing activities report of the Unit for the university.

QA unit benefit from SICA project (co-funded by Erasmus+) and HEIP project (funded by Royal Government of Cambodia and the World Bank) to enhance the working environment and facility, and capacity building. 

(last updated May 2020)

Officer in charge
Mr Hem Suntrakwadh
[email protected]

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