Department of Agronomy

Students in agronomy studies dive into hands-on learning, scientific work, and applied research in order to understand the challenges and opportunities within Cambodian soil. Agronomy graduates proceed to  conduct research toward the advancement of Cambodian agriculture, or apply their advanced techniques in farm settings. Courses include Plant Genetics and Breeding; Plant Physiology; Food Crops Production; Industrial Crops Production; Vegetables Production; Entomology; Plant Pathology; Agricultural Systems and Irrigation System Management. The department includes three laboratories, a greenhouse and three hectares of farmland in order to provide students with firsthand experience with the unique challenges of Cambodia’s agricultural landscape.


Department of Animal Science and Veterinary

In an update to course offerings, Svay Rieng University now offers a degree in animal science and veterinary, in order to diagnose and care for both wildlife and livestock of Cambodia. Courses include Animal Biology, Animal Biochemistry, Physiology – Animal Behavior, Nutrition – Animal Feed, Genetics-Breeds, Breeding specialized. Students also have access to two animal laboratories for practical application of textbook studies.


Department of Rural Development

Though cities like Phnom Penh move forward at a brisk gait, rural regions naturally take more resources and time to develop. Through the Rural Development Department, Svay Rieng University aims to prepare students to work in Cambodia’s oldest profession, with a mind toward using adapting those timeless techniques to the agricultural challenges and opportunities of the developed world. Through this degree programme, graduates are equipped to run their own farms in provincial Cambodia or work toward improving livelihoods and food security for the nation.