Building a Culture of Innovation, Inside and Out of the Classroom

Cambodia is in its earliest phases of shifting into advanced manufacturing and cutting-edge industries, and as such, Svay Rieng University aims to jump ahead of the curve and adapt its curricula as the country’s economy changes. The Hub4Growth programme is adding to SRU’s existing resources by forging connections with both regional enterprises universities in Asia that also share a need for innovation.

Led by universities in the United Kingdom, Greece and Lithuania, the Hub4Growth programme initially seeks to establish cooperation among eight universities in four Asian countries to share knowledge and insights about innovation across developing Asia. The partnership further offers assistance in establishing connections with local enterprises, aiming to encourage the universities to develop curricula and learning activities that will adequately prepare graduates to create and innovate within the existing workforce.

Hub4Growth focuses on improving students’ critical thinking and human resource skills training so that they can become thought leaders within their workplace, particularly in intra- and inter-company relations, and lead discussions with original ideas. SRU developed a University-Enterprise Centre as a result, which now offers a central location for students to find out information about the existing partnerships and a hub for businesses who wish to work with SRU. Further, the programme prepares university faculty to forge connections with companies so that they can develop curricula to match local employers’ needs, offer practical experiences and opportunities to students and perhaps set up post-graduate opportunities for successful graduates.

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