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Svay Rieng University faculties offer a high degree of expertise and specialisation both in their fields and in the needs of Cambodia's workforce.

University Programmes

Svay Rieng University offers a wide range of degree programmes tailored to the needs of the local workforce in Svay Rieng province as well as the Kingdom of Cambodia as a whole. Every programme in the university aims to elevate students with all manners of experience to a level where they feel confident and capable in the workforce and life. 

  • Masters Masters

    Svay Rieng University Master's Degree students are paving the way for a higher caliber of education throughout Cambodia and a greater number of research projects.

  • Bachelors Bachelors

    This undergraduate degree programme prepares students for any career path they choose, upholding both Cambodian and international standards of excellence.

  • Associates Associates

    Svay Rieng University’s Associate's Degree programme provides the training and credentials needed to elevate a student’s job prospects while maintaining other commitments.

Facts & Figures

3,500 number of students
24 degree programmes
65 fulltime professors
5000 graduated students