Preparing Students To Serve An Advancing Industry

The garment sector is a cornerstone of Cambodia’s economy, and students need to be preparing today to hold senior positions in this advancing sector. Through a partnership with Wuhan Textile University in China, Svay Rieng University is connecting students with opportunities to advance their education in foreign and domestic companies.

Upon graduation, SRU students have the opportunity to pursue a Master’s of Textile Engineering in Wuhan province. The university will reserve five spaces for SRU graduates, and some employers in the Bavet city’s Manhattan Special Economic Zone provide support for SRU graduates who are hired by the local companies. Wuhan Textile University offers a leading education on the various professions within the major economic sector, with high quality research opportunities that would place graduates among the top tiers in Cambodia’s industry.

Most recently, five SRU graduates received the scholarship to study at Wuhan Textile University, after graduating with Bachelors’ degrees in English in 2012 and 2013.

Interested students should discuss opportunities with their Faculty of enrolment. To find out more about Wuhan Textile University, please visit its website.