Svay Rieng University students come from throughout Cambodia, but they all share a desire to improve themselves and their communities through their studies. The university offers programmes and support to help SRU students learn more about their specialisations, the country, and themselves, too.

Living On Campus

Campus living gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in their studies during the time they would be commuting to the campus. Svay Rieng University offers a suite of dormitories for students who want to minimise their commute or decide to move from another province. All dormitories are separated by sex, and they include beds, desks, fans and a separate toilet facility. Beyond the convenience, dormitories offer students their first taste of independent living in a safe, secure environment, while allowing them to forge bonds with their colleagues and new friends.

Internship Opportunities

The best-performing students at Svay Rieng University will have the opportunity to supplement their studies with an internship through the university. Students can work in the academic offices or serve as a lecturer’s assistant for a few hours a week in order to assist their department and earn some money on the side.

A female student works on a computer as an intern for one of Svay Rieng University's offices.

Student Organisations and Community Service

In between their studies and work, Svay Rieng University students manage to find time to engage with fellow students in some of the campus organisations. The SRU Student Association is a collective body that sets the pace for student life:  helping administrative staff make decisions to help the students, while organising charitable work to help their peers in need as well as the greater Svay Rieng province. Dance Club offers students the chance to expand their knowledge of traditional dance styles and perform at campus events like the New Year celebration in April. Svay Rieng province also holds many important NGOs supporting education, environment and social development in communities, which love to accept SRU volunteers. English Club gives students a space to practice their pronunciation, grammar and comprehension in a small group to supplement their classwork and inch closer toward language fluency. And of course, outgoing students will receive support to start their own organisations and pursue community service opportunities.