Ensuring High Quality Education for Today and the Future

By nature, higher education involves constant assessment of curricula, goals and learning outcomes. In order to ensure students receive the highest quality education with given resources, Svay Rieng University is developing its Quality Assurance standards and schedule. SRU’s initiative is supported by the Erasmus+ programme, “Strengthening Quality Assurance in Cambodian Higher Education”, or SICA.

Through a collection of work packages, SICA assists the university with creating QA benchmarks, establishing a schedule for regular QA assessments, improving financial and technical reporting practices, and initiating regular evaluations at the program level.

SRU fulfils and exceeds the benchmarks required by the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia and Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, with full accreditation. However, the university strives to maintain the highest standards of education possible given its resources, and SICA has assisted the university in achieving these goals. There is still room for improvement, but the university has taken steps toward improving its QA processes, most recently establishing a Quality Assurance office at the university, which will continue to assess SRU’s practices beyond the lifespan of the SICA programme.

For more information about SRU’s Quality Assurance initiatives, please contact Mr. HEM Suntrakwadh. More information about the SICA programme can be found here.

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