SICA 1st round table meeting

Svay Rieng University, 14th October 2019

In the SICA Project, SRU has met the objectives and has under taken quality enhancement publishing the Quality Assurance Strategic Plan, It has been developed through many activities; meeting, workshop/training and conferences.                                                                                             

On 14 October 2019, SICA SRU team arranged a round table meeting to discuss the Quality Assurance Strategic Plan of Svay Rieng University 2020-2023 (QASP-SRU) with management and relevant staff at Svay Rieng University.


The purpose of the round table discussion are:


  1. to identify the main challenges and opportunities to gather inputs
  2. to draft the vision, mission, goals and main contents of the QASP-SRU
  3. To draft the main activities of QASP-SRU


Mr. SIN Putheasath, Vice Rector in charge of Quality assurance was nominated to chair the meeting. He  briefed  the participants on the  quality assurance strategic plan activities and process in which we are  required to conduct several internal meetings/workshops ,and what we are doing today .He presented the purpose of the discussion and some guidelines for the quality assurance strategic plan 2020-2023,and the vision, mission goals of strategic plan.


As a result of the group work and discussion, the round table meeting has drafted the vision, mission, and goals of QASP-SRU as well as the key contents of it.