Svay Rieng University is paving the way for a higher caliber of education throughout Cambodia and a greater number of research projects, conducted by Cambodian scholars on topics relevant to the country.  The accessible and pertinent Master’s Degree programmes at Svay Rieng University aim to improve students’ willingness and capability of pursuing higher levels of education. Candidates in any of the three Masters programmes will receive full support to research new insights about the country and publish their work internationally.

Svay Rieng University is also in the process of adding two new Master’s Degree programmes – Food Processing and Robotics – as a part of its incoming Faculty of Engineering. Applications should be open for the 2021-2022 academic year. For more information, please contact an SRU official. 


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA programme is designed to enhance students’ management capabilities and critical decision-making skills that they will need to thrive within an organisation. The foundational curriculum provides the training to analyse business information based on both quantitative and qualitative factors, building graduates’ ability to make informed business decisions within the context of their careers. Further, graduates will explore the current theories, concepts and learning models that will allow them to pursue leadership roles in their organisation.

Graduates can tailor their education to suit the needs of their professional career by choosing to specialise in Accounting, Corporate Financial Management or Quality Management. The MBA Programme consists of 57 credits, which are awarded on the successful completion of 15 courses and one thesis, or 19 courses and a series of reports. Courses within the MBA programme focus on practical applications of business concepts and theory, as well as responding to issues that graduates will likely encounter in the workplace.


Master of Science in Sustainable Agriculture (MSA)

Svay Rieng University’s MSA programme equips graduates with the knowledge and tools they need to transform basic agricultural skills into an operation that produces competitive agricultural yields with consideration for economic and environmental sustainability. With comprehensive knowledge on the state of agricultural industry, climate and best practices, graduates of the MSA programme will leave Svay Rieng University with the knowledge needed to develop a profitable and sustainable agricultural business of their own, serve as a valuable asset within an existing company or shape agricultural policy and practices of the future.

The programme entails a minimum of 45 credits required by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, including requirements, major-specific courses, electives, research courses, and research hours to produce a master’s thesis. All students are required to complete minimum 37 course credits and 8 hours of research credits to complete the Master of Science in Sustainable Agriculture.


Master of Public Administration (MPA)

The MPA programme at Svay Rieng University serves students who wish to forge relations across agencies, efficiently manage organisations, solve complex societal problems, and improve life for constituents throughout Cambodia. With an MPA degree, graduates are prepared to pursue careers in public service, ranging from official positions within national or local government, city management and urban planning, professional roles within non-profit organisations, and government relations positions within private firms. 

This programme equips graduates with the theories, principles and practices of good governance, as well as practical understanding of how to apply this knowledge across a variety of organisational settings.