This undergraduate degree programme prepares students for whichever path they choose, whether it is teaching English in Svay Rieng province, joining a corporate team in Phnom Penh, or pursuing further academic studies and research. Both English and Khmer language students experience high levels of job placement within months of graduating Svay Rieng University’s Bachelor’s Degree programme.


Bachelor of Arts

BA in English

Students with a degree in English graduate with a strong grasp of reading, writing, speaking and listening in the English language. The programme prepares students to take the teaching certification exam in order to teach in Cambodia, however the language skills gained through this degree programme are highly applicable in other careers. 

BA in Translation and Interpretation

The translation and interpretation degree prepares students to pursue careers in an international setting, with specialisation in communication. 


Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA in Accounting

Students pursuing an accounting degree become capable of managing complex financial situations of both small businesses and corporations, while gaining an understanding of ethical financial procedures. Major-specific courses include Principles of Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, and International Accounting.

BBA in Finance and Banking

Students graduate this programme with an ability to serve Cambodia’s expanding portfolio of banking and financial needs. Major-specific courses include Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Money and Banking, Corporate Finance, Personal Finance, Insurance Management, Investment Management, International Finance, Bank Management and Financial Management.

BBA in Management

Graduates of the management programme gain the knowledge and skills needed to operate a profitable business, while developing the innovation and creativity to lead their own projects or startups. Major-specific courses include Principles of Management, Corporation Management, Strategic Management, Business Investment Management, Office Management, Risk Management, Project Management, Sales Management and Human Resource Management.

BBA in Marketing

Students of the Marketing programme understand the theories that sell a product or idea to a broad range of customers, plus they develop a creativity that allows them to invent their own solutions to a sale. Major-specific courses include Principles of Marketing, Marketing Research, International Marketing, Marketing Management, International Business, Management of Product Quality, Consumer Behavior and Industrial Marketing.


Bachelor of Science

BSc in Mathematics

Students of mathematics study the most advanced concepts in logic and maths today, and they gain a strong understanding of how to build curricula and contribute to research in the field. Major-specific courses include optimisation, random processes, differential equations and numerical analysis, stability of dynamic systems and control systems.

BSc in Computer Science

The degree programme in computer science trains students to serve the immediate information and technology needs of corporate, government and NGO employers after graduation, or propels students to pursue more advanced studies in computers systems, hardware, software and programming in a higher degree. 

BSc in Agronomy

Students in the Agronomy degree programme get a range of experiences in the classroom, laboratories and field that will prepare them to pursue advanced careers in agricultural science upon graduation. 

BSc in Rural Development

The Rural Development career programme trains students to work with stakeholders in order to improve agricultural production, sustainability and inclusivity and create a healthier, greener Cambodia. 

BSc in Animal Science and Veterinary

Students of the Animal Science and Veterinary programme pursue extensive text research and applied field work to raise and care for wildlife and domesticated species in Cambodia. 


Bachelor of Public Administration

The Public Administration degree programme at Svay Rieng University is specifically catered toward training Cambodia’s future cohort of public officials and leaders, preparing students to pursue careers at all levels, from village chief to senior government official.