Arts, Humanties and Foreign Languages

Arts, Humanties and Foreign Languages

By pursuing Arts, Humanities and Foreign Languages, students open their minds to cooperating across borders and cultures while demonstrating their knowledge and ability to find solutions within their profession. This faculty at Svay Rieng University trains students on the communication and critical thinking skills that can lead to this cross-cultural understanding, via a combination of core curriculum courses, language certifications and complete degree programs. Offering courses in English, Chinese and Japanese, this faculty trains students on the skills they need to perform in a workplace as well as develop the critical thinking and communication tactics that are required in both local and international settings.


To provide education in languages in line with the national qualifications framework, while preparing graduates to fulfil both local and international stakeholders’ needs.


To educate students to a high level of competency in English so they can contribute to the quality of human resources development and further enrich the next generation’s language ability and career pathways, leading to the overall advancement of Cambodia.


To improve the quality of education in English in order to fulfil the needs of the labour market and society, both today and in the future.

To promote research and publication in the English language or about its use in society.

To build the capacity of lecturers in modern English usage and teaching methodology at all levels of education.

To offer both opportunities to serve the community and benefit from international experience to students and lecturers.  

To manage the learning resources available in order to provide a positive learning environment.

To utilise financial resources available to provide a positive, effective learning environment.  

Faculty Contact

Dr. Sokhoun HOV


+855 12 311 755


Mr. HAB Sokchamnan

Vice Dean

+855 10 642 727